Kalena Soprano natural wood Ukulele Starter Kit with Tuner, Gig Bag, Strings, Picks, Strap

Designed in Hawaii, made with Aloha! Beautiful Soprano Ukulele from Hawaiian brand Kalena Instruments at an amazing low price exclusive to Amazon Prime! 100% satisfaction guarantee! Don’t like it? Send it back!

QUALITY BASSWOOD: Clear pitch and good sustain, rugged construction. GEARED TUNING HEADS: Keep your ukulele in tune! These tuners do an excellent job. Remember to stretch the new strings repeatedly before playing for smoother tuning experience PLUMERIA FLOWER laser cut SOUND HOLE makes this ukulele unique. NOT plastic.

Comes with:

1 FREE instruction booklet 1 FREE extra set of strings 2 FREE picks 1 FREE clip tuner 1 FREE strap 1 FREE gig bag

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