Ukulele Chords Educational Music Poster 12" x 18" Poster Printed on Quality Paper PosterEnvy EXCLUSIVE!Ukulele Chords Educational Music...

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(Ukulele). Learn to play chords on the baritone uke with this comprehensive, yet easy-to-use book. Contains more than 1,000 chord diagrams for the 28 most important chord types, including three voicings for each chord. Also includes a lesson on...

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You’ve played a little ukulele. You know 4-5 ukulele chords and a few strums but are having a hard time finding easy ukulele songs that are fun to play. You want to spend your time playing, not looking for ukulele music. You want to have fun...

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Learn how to arrange great standards and pop songs in chord melody style, where the chords and melody of a song are played on a single instrument at the same time! The songs range from simple to advanced difficulty, so all uke players can use this...

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This book is intended for ukulele players who had some experience with their instruments, but would like to increase their musical ability, as well as for guitarists who like to improve their accompaniment skills on the treble strings of the guitar....

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Start Your Musical Journey to Mastering the Ukulele Learn everything you need to know about the ukulele and the basics on how to play it so that you can become a pro in playing this fun and jovial instrument. This book is for people of all ages,...

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