SUNYIN Finger Thumb Picks,Guitar Finger Protectors,Picks,Pick Hoder,Gift Set Kit useful for Acoustic Guitar Starter & Other Strings Instrument

Beginners Essential:

Beginners should choose good starter kit,Or you will ruin your dream of music!

♦ Tips:  

 This set also useful for Uulele BASS Banjo Folk guitar Acoustic guitar Classic guitar and other strings instruments

 Everyone has a music dream, many people choose to start from the guitar, but many beginners will give up because get pain of finger.

 Then, a set of practical guitar parts&nails is very important, SUNYIN guitar accessories can solve your trouble, let you easily to learn guitar, start your dream of music.

Gift idea

  This is not just a thoughtful gift, also is the key that opens the door to music, let you and your children, your friends easily play the guitar, to learn music.

Sound clean

 Plastic finger&Thumbpicks are colorful and comfortable to wear,giving the player a warm tonal response and increased control and make your fingers without pain.

Finger Protectors

 Full size useful finger protectors for guitar players.Flexible at playing,Use not stuffy,Not easy to sweat.Provide two sets of size conventional size(small to large), suitable for most people.

Package Included:

10 x Fingertip Protectors(Blue,5 size x 2)

4 x Finger&Thumb Picks(color is random)

5 x Picks(color and size is random)

1 x Pick Holder

1 x Mini Gift box

♥ Your satisfaction is our priority.If you are unhappy with this kit for any reason, contact us within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

  If there is any problem or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GUITAR BEGINNERS ESSENTIAL-4*Finger&thumb picks,10*Guitar finger protector,5*Pick,1*Picks holder,let you and your child easily to learn guitar or other instruments, start your dream of music